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✅ EAC: No Detection
✅ origin
✅ Steam
✅ Windows 8/8.1/10/11 (all builds)
✅ Intel CPUs
✅ Streaming and recording supported

glow (these colors are configurable)
Knocked enemy
enemy + visible
Enemies + Enemies Behind Walls
Low Health Enemies + Visible
Low Health Enemies + Enemies Behind Walls

Aimbots can be activated at any time by setting activation keys.
Aim movement is randomized (made to look more like human aiming instead of aiming straight at enemies)
Smooth, set to make it look more human
Aim delay, can be delayed to make it look more human
Triggerbot (automatically shoots when an enemy comes to the crosshair), you can select the activation key
No recoil, you can set how much to reduce
Visibility check
ignore down
Aim deviation prediction
Aim position selection
controller support
Backup second aim activation key

3rd person view
When you aim, it automatically switches to normal view
Delivery correspondence
Recording support
Screenshot support
Team ESP
Total Health ESP (Health + Shield)
Fitness BAR
Shield BAR
Bone ESP
Aim FOV Circle
Trigger FOV Circle
A slider that allows you to change the draw distance
font selection
font size selection

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